An upcoming event takes a deep dive into how data standardization is modernizing the capital markets and delivering on the fintech promise.


Alternative data.

Automation through standards.

Regulatory and legislative changes.

All of these factors are changing the way financial institutions operate, disturbing the status quo, shuttering outdated businesses, and opening new ones. These disruptions are affected — and sometimes driven — by financial data standards.

Information drives our analyses and our decisions. As your sources of information change, it’s incumbent on you as a member of the investment community to harness the vast amount of data available and to ensure that you are using quality, timely information that can help you make effective decisions.

At CFA Institute, we have always believed that data standards are the key to ensuring analysts have access to the most timely, accurate, and consistent data. Thus, we are once again cosponsoring a half-day forum in New York City designed to give analysts and investors insights into what is causing this disruption and how we, as analysts, can stay ahead of the curve. The session, Investor Forum 2018: Powering Fintech, from 1:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m. ET on 8 November, is free, but preregistration is required. (Visit preregister.)

Here’s what you can expect at the forum:

  • SEC Commissioner Robert J. Jackson will deliver the keynote presentation.
  • The Council of Institutional Investors, TruSet (fintech startup), and Calcbench will provide perspectives on building the ideal data ecosystem, with observations on trends such as data ownership and data monopolies and how they impact the IPO market, and on the capital markets in general.
  • Auditchain will offer insights on the intersection of smart contracts, blockchain, and data standards.
  • A lively discussion will focus on how earnings announcements could be the next corporate message to make the transition to structured data for real-time delivery of earnings data to analysts. Investors want this data. What are the hurdles that can stop tagged earnings data from becoming a reality?
  • Startup businesses that rely on automated, standardized data, including idaciti, Intrinio, Seatig, & Tagnifi,will offer demonstrations.

Keeping up with the rapid changes in the capital markets related to data and standards can be difficult. This annual forum is a good way to stay one step ahead.

Investor Forum 2018 is hosted by Baruch College’s Zicklin School of Business in the Newman Conference Center, 55 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY. The program was developed by XBRL US, and is cosponsored by CFA Institute and CFA Society New York.

Source: CFA Institute

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