The Outbreak of COVID-19 has been spreading rapidly worldwide and has affected many lives till date. The COVID-19 pandemic has been proven as one of the worst nightmares for the human kind on the Mother Earth. But it can’t be denied that it has some positive impact on the environment and nature around us.

Before the spread of COVID-19, the environmental condition was not so good. Due to amount of toxic gases released into the air over the centuries, it seems difficult to breathe in. The temperature of the Earth due to the hole in the Ozone layer has resulted in melting of the glaciers and raise in the sea levels. Environment degradation was happening too fast due to the air, water and Soil pollution.

Due to COVID-19, the most of the Countries has announced lockdown and suspended any kind of movement including transportation except of the essential goods and services. On closure of the operations at large, there have been seen slight changes in the nature and environment around us.

On this day June 5 every year, World Environment day is celebrated to encourage awareness and action plans for the protection of the Environment. Let us have a look on the positive impact of COVID-19 on the environment and nature around us:


The considerable decline in the planned travel and suspension of the transportation services at large due to COVID-19 pandemic, there was fewer movement of people, whether its by their own vehicles, trains, buses or flights. Even the industrial sector was also closed down and no allowed to operate except for essential goods and services. This has resulted into less air pollution and dropping its level significantly, as there has been marked decline in the nitrous oxide emission.


Since there were no movement in the rivers like boating, fishing, rafting, etc. the water has been eventually cleaned up. In India, the closure of the industrial pollutants and waste has definitely a positive effect on the River Yumuna. The quality of the water in the River Yumuna has been improved and looking cleaner these days. Even in area like Venice, the water has become cleaner and fish can be seen with a better water flow.


Animals have been spotted roaming freely at many places even in some residential areas where they don’t dare to come before lockdown due to COVID-19. Number of videos has been viral spotting animals moving on roads on social media in the last few days. With human staying indoor, wild animals are reclaiming the streets and happily wandering around not just in India but worldwide.


Plants are growing faster because of the clean air and water, no human interferences. With everything standstill, plants are allowed to grow and produce more oxygen, lesser clogging, resulting better environment.


A study has showed that the daily global carbon emissions in the air due to lockdown has been fall down resulting in the biggest drop since the World War II according to the researchers.


Small-scale framers have been embracing the digital technology as a way of direct medium with the consumers. They directly produce and sell resulting in Community-supported agriculture. The online grocery stores make essential goods available at the door step by providing door to door services.


Nowadays people are understanding the importance of health and hygiene. Time has been changed now, people are more concern about their daily health routine to keep their immunity system at a better level and changing their lifestyle.


In conclusion, though there has been a positive impact on the environment due to the lockdown, it does not mean that COVID-19 is good. Many lives has been lost and the number is keep on going. Masks and Social distance is necessary to control the spread of these disease to control the death troll.

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