On March 6th, the XBRL US Domain Steering Committee, approved and posted a new XBRL US reference document for a 30-day review period, the Taxonomy Approval Metrics & Process (TAM).

TAM establishes standards for the development of XBRL taxonomies and supporting materials from the perspective of systems development. This set of metrics will be used as an integral part of the Taxonomy Approval Process that certifies taxonomies, which is a necessary step in producing consistent, good quality XBRL data that is easy to use and accessible.

The Domain Steering Committee, under the leadership of Chairman Scott Theis, encourages software developers, technologists, product managers, and others with a stake in financial reporting to review and offer input during the 30-day comment period. XBRL US members are also encouraged to participate in the work of the Domain Steering Committee itself. The Committee is tasked with creating the Taxonomy Development Toolkit, which consists of the Taxonomy Approval Metrics (which is now open for public review), and XBRL US Style Guide (which is completed), and the Taxonomy Guide (which is in development). To learn more, interested individuals should contact XBRL US.

Comments on the Taxonomy Approval Metrics and Process documents will be accepted through April 5th, 2018. An account with XBRL US is required to leave feedback.


Taxonomy Approval Metrics and Process (xbrl.us)


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