If your e-commerce product page is not optimized, buyers are going to drop off which will result in poor ranking and loss of sale. Here are 3 simple steps through which you can optimize your product page and boost your conversions

Step 1: Optimize Your Meta Information

Your title tags and meta description should clearly underline what the product or service is all about and how they can benefit from purchasing it. If you have this under the meta description and title, this info would appear within your search listing, thus encouraging them to buy it. Ensure that the keywords are included in the title and the description.

Step 2: Monitor Your Website Analytics

If you are not monitoring your analytics, then start doing it now! Selling online without monitoring your website stats is like watching a football game where no one is keeping scores. Analytics will give you critical insights when the users are bouncing off your product page. If the users are bouncing right off without buying, then you need to work on the user experience of the page. Step into the buyer’s shoes and ask these questions

– Do I find the page user friendly?
– Am I able to find everything that I need?
– Are the product benefits evident?
– Do I need the product?
– Are there reviews from other buyers?
– Does the website look authentic?

If your answer is no to any one of the questions above, you need to work on it right away and once you do, you should start seeing better conversions and less bounce  off on your product page

Step 3: Cross Sell Related Products

Think of this feature as an automated shopping assistant. If you are helping the buyers with the products that they can bundle together for a discount, the chances are they will end up buying more and keep coming back for more.

Hope these steps will help you with better sales. All the best!


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