Your website visitors not buying from you? If the answer is yes, like most businesses, then you need to give a serious thought to why this is happening. Here are 5 simple and effective steps to boost your website conversions.

Objection Handling

The primary cause for non conversion is a badly written copy. Most copywriting on business websites misses out on “objection handling”. You can find out about user objections by asking them what else they want to see on the website. Use tools like SurveyMonkey to conduct online surveys. Remember, a copy that handles objection well, has a far better chance of converting as opposed to the one that just provides information that no one wants to read.

Catchy Headlines

Almost 80% of the website users won’t go beyond reading your headline. This means only 20% users will read the entire copy. That’s why your headline is so important. It should engage the user and address the problem at the same time. This way more users will read your copy.

Length Doesn’t Matter

If you are handling the objections, concerns and questions well, doesn’t matter if your copy is long or short, it is bound to convert. So don’t worry about the word count the next time you sit down to write the copy.

Understand the User Mindset

Users visiting your website are in different stages of buying. Some users might be researching, some may be casually browsing to check the products and services you are offering and some might be there to actually buy.

Your website should have the content to address the needs of all these user segments. For this reason you need to step in their shoes and address their problem. This is also a good exercise that you should do regularly to understand the mindset of your buyers.


Almost 50% of your sales come from follow ups. Don’t expect users to buy from you in their first visit. It never works that way unless you are a superhot and known brand.  Make sure that you are writing the copy for your website as well as for the follow up emails that you are going to send them once they leave their email address. There are several free tools that you can use to capture emails. Hello Bar is one such tool which is extremely effective.

Implementing these 5 steps should most certainly boost your conversions. All the best!


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