Disclosure Requirement for Struck-off Companies

Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) has introduced elaborative disclosure requirements regarding financial statements of companies which are effective from April 1, 2021 i.e. for financial statements prepared for FY 2021-22. One such requirement is disclosure of transactions with companies struck off by Registrar of Companies (‘RoC’) under section 248 of the Act, or under section 560 of the Companies Act, 1956.The following particulars are to be disclosed in such case:

  • Name of the struck-off company
  • Nature of transactions with such company
  • Balance outstanding and relationship with the struck-off the company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find relevant answers to your questions regarding Struck Off Companies

Struck-Off Companies means removing the name of the Company from the Register of Companies maintained by the Registrar of Companies. It is more like a Closure of the Company and cannot perform any operation thereafter. It ceases to exist as a legal entity and it cannot trade, sell its assets or make payments or even it cannot get involved in any other business activities.

The following are disclosure requirements for Struck-off companies:

  • Name of the struck-off company
  • Nature of transactions with company
  • Balance outstanding and relationship with the struck-off the company


A strike-off provision of a defunct company is addressed in Section 560 of the Companies Act.

Every RoC publishes a list of struck-off companies, which means you need to check if your parties exist in that list. RoCs publish lists in an ad hoc manner thus you need to keep an eye on updates at all RoCs.

There is no consolidated list of struck-off companies for a financial year and you need to go through multiple files to know if your party has been struck-off.

You are required to share the Companies list with name CIN/ GSTIN/PAN. Weshall take care of the rest. We shall identify the struck-off companies, check their status and share the updated status list.

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